3) Some negotiated combination of the above:

2) In addition to a design plan, you want a full-scale, turn-key project where you only need to speak with the design firm and we will deal with all other parties involved:

For the do-it-yourselfers, I offer a one-time consultation. It  can be accommodated fairly easily,​ and I welcome them.  I find that 1 1/2 hours for a one time consult works best. This is a great tool to help you maximize your end result.  I can regularly save you much more than this cost with a new perspective, and cost saving ideas. For pricing call Reid at (918) 260-3718.

​Because time is finite, we cannot take on every project that's presented to us.  If we cannot take on your project, or I feel your situation could be better handled by someone else, I may be able to refer you to another designer.

Clients can control the total dollars spent to the extent that they are responsive to my queries and quick to make decisions, and do the legwork of ordering retail products and receiving shipments themselves.

Here are some basic ways that I charge for my services: 

Documentation of the design with drawings, general notes and specifications.

27 W. 3rd St   Grove  OK 74344   918.787.7704   reid@curbappealdesignbuild.com

You will be doing all the legwork, hiring and managing contractors, ordering furniture and dealing with all the logistics and trouble shooting as needed.

You are willing to put in the work involved so that as many of your dollars as possible go towards the actual decoration of your space.

Includes all of the above, plus a markup on custom and trade-only merchandise, and a percentage on any retail purchases made by myself on the client's behalf.  This additional markup covers the design firm's time and expenses of managing all ordering, logistics, trouble-shooting, delivery and installation of the merchandise.  If the client wishes for a turn-key level of service where their only job is to approve and pay for the design, this is the type of plan they will be looking at. 

For Those With Tight Deadlines...

One-Time Consultations & Other Options

Hourly plus markup on goods:

Additionally, the majority of the purchases are delivered and installed in a single installation day (aka "the reveal") versus piece-by-piece deliveries. This level of service includes additional charges for insured warehousing, and two sets of delivery charges -- one to deliver and inspect furnishings at the warehouse and another to then re-deliver to the home.


We charge an initial design fee which covers the first presentation.  We then request a retainer which is applied to the final invoice on the project.  Supervision and design alterations are also billed hourly.

Hourly rate for each and every moment spent working on the project:

When contemplating the potential cost and value of design services, consider the way you want to work with me from the following:

As a designer I am not looking to simply spend as much of the client's money as I can, in fact I pride myself in creatively saving my clients money. I want to provide the right services for your needs and to be fairly compensated for our efforts and experience.

As the client you need to provide specific details with regards to your budget and exactly what type of service you are looking for.

For projects with furniture, a digital storyboard and samples can be included.  If you are purchasing furnishings through us, we will go through the quoting process and submit our pricing on individual items as decisions are made.

One or two additional meetings, or shopping trips, as required for the project.

This means that every dollar spent on a project is tallied up and the designer receives a percentage. Payments are made based on the estimated total budget and then by the end of the project, the total expenditures are added up.

Schematic Design Presentation at our studio office. This may include some interim meetings or connection along the way.  While I prefer to do a big presentation to wow you, I find it might help to bring up some major new ideas or proposed changes in bits and pieces so you can experience them prior to the overall presentation.

As you can see, "What will this cost me?" is not an easy question to answer.  The actual question should be "How do you bill for your services?" allowing me to describe the scope of services you would require and how I bill for them.

For obvious reasons, a flat fee has both positive and negative aspects to it.  For the client, you sign the contract knowing exactly what you will be paying and there should be no surprises.  For me, I can establish a specific payment structure to cover costs and provide income at regular intervals.  The downside for both client and designer is that the entire plan needs to be clearly understood at the outset. Any changes or additions to the original plan may require a renegotiation of the contract.

I will always put off the answer until I know more about the entire scope of the project, the clients and what is involved.

What it will cost:

Initial meeting with owners.  Site visit to obtain measurements and photos, and further information.

Percentage of the entire budget:

Flat fee rate:

1) You want me to create a       vision and design a plan only:

If you have at tight deadline, and your project needs to be addressed sooner rather than later, an additional fee will be charged to accommodate your urgent needs.

This includes all meetings, telephone calls, emails, shopping, designing/drafting, buying, installations and logistics.