27 W. 3rd St   Grove  OK 74344   918.787.7704   reid@curbappealdesignbuild.com

Redemption Implements  
Owners Reid and Stephanie Smith are themselves the very tools for which the shop is named.  
Using a little imagination, and at times a large amount of searching,
they find or create unique and sometimes one of kind pieces of furniture art and home decor.  
Their passion is to take discarde​d, obsolete or rejected items and repurpose them
into exciting and functional conversation pieces.

This ever changing shop is filled with items that you wont likely see anywhere else.
Just entering the shop is a conversation waiting to happen.  
There is much to see and gifts of every kind and price.  
The shop also features original art by local artists, unique and vintage lighting;
​as well as an in house designer to help with your renovation needs.  
And if you are lucky, owner "Chefanie",
​just might have some fresh baked cookies she'd love to share with you.