I prefer e-mail to phone calls, because I'm often out driving, on job sites, or in meetings.  This also leaves a written trail for both parties to revisit, but that certainly doesn't mean I'm opposed to having phone calls to discuss important issues.

DK.ReidSmith@gmail.com  Reid@curbappealdesignbuild.com

or (918) 260-3718

I have a studio, located on Monkey Isle, OK, where we can have meetings when discussing design.

You can message me at any time, except Sunday mornings.  But again: if it's after hours and you urgently need to contact me, please do so via e-mail.  I feel that if problems arise, they are best handled quickly.

How we stay connected:

27 W. 3rd St   Grove  OK 74344   918.787.7704   reid@curbappealdesignbuild.com