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The creation of Studio 27 West, and these newest   pieces are my attempt to reach back into my artistic roots. Many of my pieces are large sculptures made of metal  and wood.  I like to celebrate the beauty that I see in the material  I use.  

    Reid Smith is a local boy come home again.  I studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.  It was while living in Virginia, that I met my wife and the love of my life, Stephanie.  After moving back to Grove in late ’99, I was struck by all of  the empty and boarded up buildings in the down town area  I made it my purpose to labor with other like minded individuals to begin to breathe life into the area.  I worked on the downtown revitalization committee, bought buildings on 3rd st., and helped open Cafe’ Tiramisu with my partner.  All that led to a successful contracting and design business that has kept  me busy but frustrated, an artist looking for time to create.


An Aspiring artist, Sebastian Smith soaks in anything that catches his eye and morphs the information into a concept all his own. Driven more by what could be than what is,his designs tend to veer from the literal and more towards the abstract.   Growing up in the rural area of Grand lake, he constantly yearned for the fantastic, awe inspiring and the amazing. Sebastian found most of this through film, taking fom the wild designs of science fiction and fantas. at the age of 17, movie makeup and video game concept design sparked a fie that spread through his mind.  Letting the creatures, worlds and forms that dwelled within out, to be viewed and enjoyed by by others, is his passion. “I want to make fun for a living.” Sebastian admits, “It may seem like a silly term, but why shouldn’t others get to see the things I can?” On his way toward film and design, he flexes his eativity with conceptual design and, most recently, sculpture. “I don’t expect everyone to like it, but hopefully there are those that will find inspiration, the way I have. Everything you doinfluences others, and maybe someday my design willinspire a young, aspiring artist.” 

    Joe Kerby Grew up in Clinton, Oklahoma, attended Oklahoma City University and the University of Central Oklahoma graduating in 1972.    Joe started wood carving in the mid 1970’s and participated in his first art show in 1976. In the late1980’s he turned to stone sculpting, then in alabaster and marble.  Joe won first place in the Michealangelo category i the 2004 Oklahoma Art Guild members exhibition and a Merchandise Award in the AOG 2003 spring National Juried Show.  He attended the Marble/Marble Institute in Marble, Colorado in the summers of 2004 and 2005. He has been a member of the National Sculpture Society, the Oklahoma Art Guild and the Edmond Art Association. Now a permanent resident of Grove he continues to sculpt in alabaster and marble.Studio 27 West is excited to display his talent.  

Joan Ramsey...The making of marks thru words, alphabets, each stroke a record of a singular movement, 

are much like a record of the steps of a dancer in a well choreographed dance.  The beauty comes from repeating the same movements over and over until one day it is truly beautiful. After working as a graphic designer and teaching Graphic Design at OSU-Okmulgee, I began to seriously study lettering under a variety of well known lettering artists. (The people who make all those beautiful fonts for your computer.) Studying this ancient art form has been challenging yet full of unimaginable beauty. I fell in love with type first, then a myriad of fonts, then the hand lettered alphabet and words. which has lead to a pursuit of the book as an art form. (The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone).  All from an advertising layout on a wall at Kansas State University: We do not realize that each of these letters is at our service today only as the result of a long and laboriously slow process of evolution in the age old art of writing.

    Richard Quick lives in the hills of Spavinaw, Oklahoma with his family.  He has been working as a chainsaw artist since the turn of the millennium.    I first met Rick in 2010 when I commissionedhim to do an unusual piece for a client.  I was immediately struck by his fearlessness in tackling such an odd sculpture.  I continued to be impressed by his vision and craftsmanship.I began talking to Rick about taking his work to the next level.  His interior pieces are the result of those conversations.  You can see Rick’s work on display around Grand Lake, as well as Riverside Drive in Tulsa.  His most recent commission from myself is the steaming coffee cup at Cafe‘ Yum in Grove.  Rick is continually working on new pieces, and is open to commissioned works of all types, he is particularly found of wild cats. 

Studio 27 West  ​Local Artist Gallery

Studio 27 West in Grove, OK features the work of local artists.